March 12, 2007

New Site

The new site is alive and kicking!

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March 11, 2007

Mad Money Flowing My Way

This blog has been pretty quiet for a while. That’s because I haven’t had anything to say. Or actually I’ve been just lazy. Nobody reads this anyway.

Anyway, here’s a little summary of what’s going on: Pretty busy at the uni, did some projections for a play (I might post some video later), working on a couple of animations and also some shit happened.

Oh, one more thing. I realised that I have to start doing things properly and get something for my portfolio so I’ve started my own company. There’s nothing at the website yet. Check back in a few days. I’ll probably integrate a blog to the site so this blog might die in the near future.

So what is this company all about? The same thing that I’m about: DJing, VJing, motion graphics, design and a lot of bullshit. That’s right, DJing. I’m getting back to the DJ game. I’ve been seriously thinking about totally quitting but maybe I’ll give it one more go.

Speaking of DJing, check out and educate yourself. I’m listening to this mixtape on repeat. Mad respect to Sampo for uploading old mixes for the good people of the interweb-land.

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February 3, 2007

Free Berdovsky!

This suspicious device here caused a panic in Boston.

I just couldn’t believe it when I read about this on Wooster and GRL.

So who is considered responsible for this?

“An arrest has been made in the Boston Terror Advert Mind Shred of 2007. No it’s not a VP at Turner Broadcasting, the president of the ad agency or CEO Sam Travis Ewen of the marketing company. It’s the 27 year-old artist who was hired to stick the ads up. Turns out the corporation is real sorry about all this and had a cartoon say so on the TV. Probably not as sorry as the guy being hauled-off in cuffs.”

From GRL

Read some more here.

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January 2, 2007

1st Post – Introduction and All That Shit

This is it. I’m hopping on the Web 2.0 train with my very own blog. Here you’ll find information about some of the things I’ve been up to lately. So who the f*ck am I? Let me introduce myself.

I’m a Finnish guy living in Rovaniemi, Finland. Media student in the University of Lapland and an all-around hustler doing all kinds of strange things. I prefer to be called by my real name, Matti, but I have these different aliases for music and graphic projects.

DJ Waxtastic

I’ve been DJing for about 6 years now. Don’t ask about my DJ-name, I know it’s corny. I started DJing because I wanted to learn how to scratch and people told me I could get some girls and money if I was a DJ. After six years I still can’t scratch, I’m totally broke and sure as hell ain’t getting any girls. So kids, whatever you do, don’t spend all of your money on records. Save the money and buy a car instead. Chicks dig cars.

I’ve been spinning all kinds of funky music (hip hop, funk, breakbeats, d’n’b, dubstep etc.) in Rovaniemi, Kouvola and Helsinki. I’ve done a couple of mixtapes. The latest was Jamaikasetti, a collaboration with DJ Hesher.

Original Hamster

This is the name I use for my graphic design and video works. I think that this blog is mainly going to be place where I show you guys my media art and graphic design stuff. I’m a member of a VJ/media art collective called Superia United here in Rovaniemi. I’ve done VJing in clubs and projections in some events. Right now I’m working on a couple of projects. More about them later.

I guess that’s about it. Stay tuned.

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