January 29, 2008

View-Master Joy

Here’s a pic from a reel I just got finished. The film had been sitting in a bag from last summer, just waiting for some new empty reels. Finally, I’ve found a good supplier for new high quality reels and got all the old films inserted to them. Check out the Fresa Volante View-Master reel mounts. I actually prefer these to the original Sawyers reels. They are as tough as the old ones but cheaper and they have a cool flying strawberry on them!

I’ll be scanning these new reels pretty soon and I’ll add the best of them to the Photography section. This picture was taken in Helsinki last summer. The 3d effect is pretty insane so make sure you freeview this image

There’s also been some updates on the site. Now I actually have some content on the site. Still needs a lot of work though, nothing yet on the Music section for example. One of the updates is the Månsteri t-shirts in the store.

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July 8, 2007


America We Stand As One

For the next five weeks or so this blog is mostly going to be a travel diary for my trip in the USA. Places where I’m going: Providence, New York, Boston, Denver and Washington D.C. If you have in mind any essential places to go to in these cities, please let me know (comment, email). I don’t have that much free time, but hopefully I’ll be able to see something else besides the campus of RISD.

One thing that I’m definitely going see is the Rock the Bells concert in NYC (RATM, Wu, Mos Def, Public Enemy, Living Legends etc.). The show on the 28th was sold out, but I was able to get tickets from eBay.

I’m leaving you with a picture of my main homie from Kouvola. Damn that guy got some fresh moves.

Now I’ll get some sleep. I’ve got a plane to catch in the morning.

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May 20, 2007

View-Master Photography

I finally got my View-Master camera working properly. It had destroyed a couple of films earlier because the mechanism would get stuck. Too bad, because there would have been some pretty nice pictures from Japan and other pics from last summer, but I was able to fix it and it’s working like a charm. So now I was ready to start making my own reels.

This is what the camera looks like:
I was also able to get the filmcutter needed for making my own view-master reels from eBay for a decent price last winter.
Now I have my first six-pack of reels ready and they are officially the coolest pictures I have ever taken. They aren’t exactly masterpieces photographically but View-Master is the greatest way to view pictures. There’s something magical about it.
Here’s some scanned pictures of the reels. You need to freeview them to see the 3d-effect. It’s not same feeling as looking through a View-Master viewer but at least you’ll see them in 3d. Click the picture to see the whole set. I’ll add more when I have time.

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March 11, 2007

Shit I’m Diggin’ #1

Three posts in one night. I guess I’m pretty bored or something. Anyway, here’s some links for your pleasure.


Face2Face by JR & Marco

Tower of Grantville by Buck

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