January 29, 2008

View-Master Joy

Here’s a pic from a reel I just got finished. The film had been sitting in a bag from last summer, just waiting for some new empty reels. Finally, I’ve found a good supplier for new high quality reels and got all the old films inserted to them. Check out the Fresa Volante View-Master reel mounts. I actually prefer these to the original Sawyers reels. They are as tough as the old ones but cheaper and they have a cool flying strawberry on them!

I’ll be scanning these new reels pretty soon and I’ll add the best of them to the Photography section. This picture was taken in Helsinki last summer. The 3d effect is pretty insane so make sure you freeview this image

There’s also been some updates on the site. Now I actually have some content on the site. Still needs a lot of work though, nothing yet on the Music section for example. One of the updates is the Månsteri t-shirts in the store.

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September 4, 2007

Store Updated – Writable Prints, Free Shipping and All Kinds of Niceness

shirtI’ve got some new shirts in the USA store. The print on the thought bubble is writable and each order comes with a free marker, so you can start writing straightaway.

From Aug. 15 – Sept. 15, you can get FREE standard shipping on all orders over $20! Enter coupon code SCHOOL07 in your shopping cart. This offer is only for the US store, but you can get free shipping to Europe also from the US store. Just use the coupon code.

More new stuff coming soon. Like 2 color prints of the boombox-guy and the panda and a new bboy shirt. Sorry guys, I can’t get the writable prints or even the panda with the thought bubble to the European store, because the European Spreadshirt doesn’t allow more than one print on the same side of the shirt and the writable prints aren’t yet in their selection. Hopefully they will fix these things.

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August 20, 2007

Back Home

Last time I wrote anything here we were leaving Providence. After that we went to Denver and Washington DC. I’m not really in the mood for writing anything about that, but let’s just say that all kinds of things happened and it was all coolio. I got back in Finland on Thursday after almost 30 hours of traveling. I didn’t really sleep on the plane except from London to Helsinki and when I got to my bed here in Pilkanmaa I slept for 20 hours non-stop.

I just got all my film developed from this summer and started organizing my pictures. Tons of digital pictures, 10 rolls of View Master photos (that’s roughly 700 pictures) and a couple of super8 reels. I’ll Flickr all the interesting pictures next week when I get on a faster internet connection. Then I need to find a lot more empty View-Master reels to fit all my pictures. I’ll scan and upload all the good stuff when I get them done.

Thanks to my adventures in the Land of the Free I got some buyers for my shirts in the USA also, so I opened a USA store. I don’t have much for offer yet, but look how happy my first US customers are!

You can be happy too! Just buy buy buy! I’ll add more stuff to the store later this week. All you Europeans get some goodness too. I’m getting some new designs and I’ll revamp the whole product selection with new shirts and new colors.

Today I got back from Helsinki where I was checking out the Flow Festival. Good music, smiling people, some friends I hadn’t seen for a long time and Bebel Gilberto. Niceness. I took some VM-pictures there also. Will upload them when I get my hands on a scanner.

Next semester is looking pretty busy even though I had decided to take it easy. I already got myself involved in a bunch of projects and I got shitloads of ideas for my personal projects. I don’t want to get into details just yet, because I know myself and only half of them will ever even get started.

Now I’m chilling here with my mum and sisters for a while before I go to Rovaniemi. Kind of makes me sad when I think back and realize that the summer is almost over. A lot of good memories from this summer though. Thanks to all the people involved in those memories. You know who you are.

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July 12, 2007

Trippin’ #2

OK, more pictures. I’ve set up a gallery page where I’ll add stuff as I go. The first ones are part of a photography assignment we did today. I don’t want to post the assignment, because the way I want to display it doesn’t really work on a web page. Actually, I could do it with Flash or something, but I’m just too lazy for that right now.

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April 21, 2007

100% Organic T-shirts From the Store

Spreadshirt is finally offering 100% organic cotton t-shirts from American Apparel and Continental Clothing. As of today, I’m selling only these shirts in the store. Maybe I’ll add some other American Apparel shirts a little bit later, but for now I’m going 100% organic.

This decision means that the colour selection isn’t going to as wide anymore and these shirts are also a lot more expensive, but I’ll keep my provision as low as I can. I’m not selling these shirts hoping that I would get rich.

Hopefully Spreadshirt will continue to expand the product line with more sustainable and sweatshopfree products. I for one will support that.

There’s a special campaign running from now to the 16th May. From every shirt sold there is going to be a donation of 3 euros to the Earth Day Network

Get yours from the online store.

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