This is it. I’m hopping on the Web 2.0 train with my very own blog. Here you’ll find information about some of the things I’ve been up to lately. So who the f*ck am I? Let me introduce myself.

I’m a Finnish guy living in Rovaniemi, Finland. Media student in the University of Lapland and an all-around hustler doing all kinds of strange things. I prefer to be called by my real name, Matti, but I have these different aliases for music and graphic projects.

DJ Waxtastic

I’ve been DJing for about 6 years now. Don’t ask about my DJ-name, I know it’s corny. I started DJing because I wanted to learn how to scratch and people told me I could get some girls and money if I was a DJ. After six years I still can’t scratch, I’m totally broke and sure as hell ain’t getting any girls. So kids, whatever you do, don’t spend all of your money on records. Save the money and buy a car instead. Chicks dig cars.

I’ve been spinning all kinds of funky music (hip hop, funk, breakbeats, d’n’b, dubstep etc.) in Rovaniemi, Kouvola and Helsinki. I’ve done a couple of mixtapes. The latest was Jamaikasetti, a collaboration with DJ Hesher.

Original Hamster

This is the name I use for my graphic design and video works. I think that this blog is mainly going to be place where I show you guys my media art and graphic design stuff. I’m a member of a VJ/media art collective called Superia United here in Rovaniemi. I’ve done VJing in clubs and projections in some events. Right now I’m working on a couple of projects. More about them later.

I guess that’s about it. Stay tuned.