I ended up taking a really long walk around the town today. I came home with from that walk with a Wiimote in my bag. Is there a better way to get your mind off of bad things than playing with a new toy? I’m sure there are, but this worked today.

I don’t have a Wii console, but the reason why I got a Wiimote was because I wanted to hook it up with my iBook and use it as a controller for some VJ stuff. Here’s the first experiment. Using the Wiimote as a videoscratching device. The Y-axis motion sensor controls the scrubbing of the video back and forth. Pressing the A or B button changes the videoclip.

The QC patch for Wii was developed by Hiroaki He hasn’t released the patch officially because it’s unstable (QC crashes everytime you close a composition with a DarwiinRemotePatch), but you can find it here. Hiroaki is too busy right now to improve this patch, but if there’s some Cocoa-guru out there reading this. Please, try to make a more stable patch using the newest WiiRemote framework. I’d appreciate it.