MOTION - Eiskusnstdorf (2008)


The beautiful village of Eiskunstdorf is facing a tragedy! The iceberg next to it has started to melt down because of global warming.

The news are filled with conflicting information about the cause of this warming and the city of Eiskunstdorf has decided to give YOU the chance to decide what to do with last unbuilt area of the town.

Do you want to plant trees or build a parking lot for all the tourists who come to visit Eiskunstdorf? Now is your time to make a difference!

Eiskunstdorf is an interactive installation that gives the visitor the ability to decide how to use the last unbuilt piece of land in the town of Eiskunstdorf. By planting trees, the temperature stays cooler and the soundscape of the town is calm and relaxing. By turning the area into a parking lot and placing cars there, the temperature rises and the ice berg starts to melt faster. The soundscape also changes into much noisier and more irritating when there are more cars.



The installation was streamed over the internet. The following video shows a time lapse of installation.

This installation was running only one day on April 25th 2008. In the end, nothing that the visitors did, stopped the melting of the ice and the town of Eiskunstdorf became muddy and lost its biggest tourist attraction.


Eetu Tourunen
Vili Lyytikäinen
Matti Niinimäki

This piece was completed as a final project for the Media Art Production class at the University of Lapland.